iPhone Unlock

iPhone Unlock

    iPhone  Unlock Instruction

    Before ordering any iPhone or iPad factory unlock service please note

    Apple warranty replacment iPhones & iPads can not be unlocked using any service. Please do not submit IMEIs that are known to be Apple replacments as you will be wasting everyones time.

    Please be 100% sure of the correct network before submitting an order.

    If an incorrect networks IMEI is submitted you may not be refunded (depending on suppliers policy). Please use iPic or order our network checking service if you are unsure of what network your phone is originally locked to.

    Do not submit iPad IMEIs using an iPhone unlock service as no reufnd will be issued.

    Unlock Instructions

    1. After receiving unlock confirmation by email update your iPhone to the latest firmware version by doing a full restore with iTunes. (Cydia or other jailbreaking software must be removed before continuing)

    2. Insert a non-accepted SIM card into the phone & connect to iTunes.

    3. Once connected, disconnect the phone & reconnect after ten seconds.

    4. Your iPhone will unlock.

    Troubleshooting Steps

    I got the "Unlock" message but I cant get a signal with my new SIM card.


    1. Connect phone to PC & power off phone.

    2. Press & hold "Power" + "Home" buttons for exactly ten seconds

    3. Release the "Power" button but keep holding "Home" until PC detects new USB device. (Your phones screen should remain blank)

    4. Open iTunes & you will be promtped that an iPhone has been detected in Recovery Mode.

    5. Select "Restore iPhone". Phone will restore & this should clear any glitches that could be affecting the unlock

    I get "The SIM card in this phone does not appear to be supported" or "Activation Required"


    1. Contact us or click verify to confirm your iPhone unlock status

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